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Climate : From -40°C in winter to +27°C during summer

Time difference : +1h

Currency : Euro (€)

Official language : Unilingual Finnish

Travel documents : national identity card or passport

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À voir, à faire

The nothern lights

Many visitors go to Lapland to see the famous nothern lights.

For long time, this luminous phenomenon was explain by local legends : for the Sami, the original inhabitants of Lapland, they were produced by the foxes's tails. For other people, they were caused by the breath of whales or the soul of animals dancing in the sky...

Recently, scientists discovered that it was the meeting stolar storms and the atmosphere.

Whatever the interpretation, the nothern lights still provide a wonderful show for the eyes!

Sleigh rides

There are 36 000 reindeer in Lapland! These icons makes you discover the north for walks between 10 minutes and 1 hour!

A good way to share an activity with your family thanks to the slow pace.

For the most adventurous, we recommend the husky rides to discover Lapland and see the nothern lights!

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