BREST France

Brest is a spellbinding city that faces the ocean. Discover its atmospheric fishing ports, majestic cliffs and mysterious old manors.  Simply enjoy the tranquillity and pleasures of Brittany’s gentle lifestyle.

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Climate : Temperate Oceanic

Time difference : None

Currency : Euro (€)

Official language : French

Travel documents : national identity card or passport

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The province of Brest

The fittingly named department of Finistère, located at the extreme west of France’s coast, does indeed feel like the end of the world.  People in the area like to joke that “the next city is New York!” The headland juts out into the sea and in its wake a unique roadstead reaches cheerfully inland all the way back to Landerneau and Le Faou. All around it, an enchanting region awaits you…

A province fashioned by industry

Budding historians, welcome to Brest! Here, time has left its imprint and every district features the mark of history. From Vauban’s fortifications to the destruction endured during World War II, all of the city’s architecture owes its origins to historical events.  Testimonies of the past, monuments, military heritage and museums offer visitors a fascinating journey through the events that fashioned the city of Brest …   

A land of flavours...

Let’s dispel the cliché: pancakes aren’t the only thing people eat in Brittany!  This region also boasts gastronomic traditions and inventive chefs. There are plenty of mouth-watering destinations in Brest, where you can sample high quality products and enjoy a mixture of flavours and culinary specialties from this end of the world.

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  • The Islands of Ouessant, Molène and Sein
  • The Pays des Rives d’Armorique
  • The sea caves at Morgat
  • Underwater viewing and deep sea fishing outings
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