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Thanks to direct flights from Toulon, discover some beautiful cities like Bordeaux, Ajaccio, Rotterdam or Londres…

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Flight N°DestinationLeaveStatus
AF7501Paris07:00Take Off at 07:05
AF7513Paris10:45Take Off at 11:34
TB5587Brest15:30Take Off at 15:43
AF7505Paris18:25Take Off at 19:16
AF7509Paris20:15Take Off at 20:36
TB5584Brussels South Charleroi20:35Taxiing at 20:40
Flight N°DestinationLeaveStatus
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Flight N°FromArrivalStatus
AF7512Paris10:00Arrived at 10:27
TB5583Brussels South Charleroi14:45Arrived at 14:50
AF7502Paris17:45Arrived at 18:21
AF7508Paris19:30Arrived at 19:34
TB5588Brest19:50Arrived at 19:55
AF7504Paris21:40Expected at 21:40
Flight N°FromArrivalStatus
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Toulon & sa region

Want some Provençal holidays? Get your stay ready with the tourist office!

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Beaches, coast path, hills and cliffs… Nature is within ranch of Toulon! 

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