From Saturday 24 October 2020, a curfew from 9pm to 6am will be applied throughout the Var department, restricting movements. 

To enable you to reach / leave the airport during this time slot, it is imperative that you have proof of travel(plane ticket, train ticket, etc.) and official travel certificate which can be downloaded from the Ministry of the Interior website.

Accompanying a passenger remains possible in the cases provided for by the authorities (minor or vulnerable passenger).



We have learned that some individuals or firms are offering real estate investments in car parks, including in car parks of certain airports managed by VINCI Airports.

Neither SEATH, nor any VINCI Group company ever had any contractual relationship with such individuals or firms or ever solicited them to establish any such relationship.

These are fraudulous activities and the use of the name of VINCI, VINCI Concessions, VINCI Airports or VINCI Immobilier is an identity theft.

The companies that are victims of such theft have lodged a criminal complaint for fraud against persons unknown with the competent prosecutor’s office.


Route and traffic

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Toulon Hyères airport is easily accessible whatever your transport mode may be (personal car, public transport, shuttle, etc.). It is located nearby the A570 motorway. With or without GPS, just follow the "✈ Aéroport Toulon Hyères" road signs.

This itinerary is provided for information only. You may have to follow a different route than this, due to work, traffic jams, weather conditions, detours or other disturbances on the day of your visit. Please take into account any unforeseen circumstances when setting your departure time.

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