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P1 car park: short stay


Payment options

  • At the car parks exits (credit card)
  • At the automatic checkout kiosks located in both Arrivals and Departures halls (cash or credit card)
  • At the parking service in the Arrivals hall (from Monday to Friday 9am to 12am, and 2pm to 5pm)


P1 car park rates


From 0min to 15min   Gratuit
From 16min to 30min €3.10
From 31min to 45min €3.30
From 46min to 1h00 €3.50
From 1h01 to 1h15 €4.60
From 2h00 to 2h15  €6.00
From 2h16 to 4h00 €0.20/15min
From 4h01 to 4h15  €8.00
From 4h16 to 12h00  €0.10/15min
From 11h46 to 12h00 €11.10
From 12h00 to 24h00  €16.00


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Membership cards: a must-have for frequent flyers


Do you park your car 24 hours per week on average in the airport car park? Our plans can save you time and money.

Three options:

  • Quarterly season ticket: €300 (less than €3.50 per 24h)
  • Biannual season ticket: €550 (around €3 per 24h)
  • Annual season ticket : €1 000 (less than €3 per 24h)


General map Toulon Hyeres airport

General map with business terminal and car parks




Car park info point: Phone +33 (0)4 94 00 83 37